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VW TDI Diesel CNG blend System install how to

24 May

CNGVW 037Here is some pictures and install information for my CNG Blend kit.

The kit is very simple only a few parts the main one is the 2 stage regulator which takes the high pressure CNG from 3600 PSI down to a few LB to be breathed in to the engine intake.

The line from the tank and coolant line have been installed all ready.

Next is the feed tube placed in the intake track

Than the feed tube and flow adjuster is installed.

The little gold screw is used to regulate  HP for the kit.

Here is it is installed very clean and simple.

There are only a few wire need to be hooked up I use the power from the injector pump as its key on source.

We use one of the crank sensor wire as the tech signal  a ground is installed and one wire for the gas on solenoid

you just have to clip the fuel pressure/ gas gauge contactor  on.

Now run the switch in the car.

For added safety I install the ETS  int ot the turbo dump pipe.

this is used to turn on the CNG system and off if the temp gets to high a must on a Diesel

I use one from http://thesensorconnection.com it was modifed for the TDI and worked very well.

For inside it is just a simple on and off switch with some LED to show how much CNG you have in the tank.

Below I show the ETS on the left is the $200 one it can be adjusted to turn on the CNG at a low  temp and shut it off

if the EX temp gets to high. I set it to come on at 300F and shut off the CNG blend if it go,s over 1000F to be on the safe side.

It can be adjusted at any time.

The one on the top right is the one that will just shut it off if you hit its high limit $120

and the little switch in the bottom right is the CNG on/off and gas tank level LEDs .

So there have it.

Bob Mann

Here is what one test driver said on a forum

So since I’m only about 30 miles away in Cambridge I went and checked the car out. Bob had me drive it, I would compare the car drivability-wise the same as any other MKIV TDI you would get in. Power was comparable to something over a chipped car. It’s very smooth, and if you blindly just got in the car and drove it, you wouldn’t know it had the CNG other than the extra power, much like you wouldn’t know the difference if you were running bio. Difference is no gross odors like veggie, no messes from home-brew, just a little pump outside the house. I thought it was cool, only thing stopping me right now is the initial cost to get it going. But as I said before I think the costs would be covered in about a year from what I’ve figured. Fuel is easy to pay for on a week to week basis but as a lump sum it will take some saving. I’m fortunate enough to have gas at the house so this is a realistic option for me. I think the point is being missed here, he seemed to be a pretty good guy and not a salesman. Just sharing results of the project much like you see all over the boards so I don’t know why everyone seems to have an issue with this.

But it looks like I have been locked out from that forum for showing some thing other than BOI- Diesel .

To up date the CNG Diesel testing here are some Massachusetts emission test on Diesel tail pipe tests before and after CNG blending .

Below is the test with it just on Diesel

It with the CNG blend  it is a reduction of 400% in tail pipe particle mater .

My Youtube http://youtu.be/Yem6t6GQrc8 of the car running on CNG






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Bob Mann