VW TDI Diesel Gets 120 MPG on one Gal of Diesel with CNG blend!!

23 May

VW TDI Diesel Gets 120 MPG on one Gal of Diesel with CNG blend!!

I will give the math up front. 2001 VW TDI 129K using my new CNG blend test system.

Round trip 90 % Highway 75-80 MPH.

60 Miles round trip used .51 Gal of Diesel   and 1.2 GAL (GGE) of CNG yes I have the slips.

That is a 60% blend of CNG it has very smooth power to boot.

The EGT never went over 990F on long uphill pulls.

Using this system should give you a 70% reduce in fuel cost per mile traveled

If I do the math right here on an average a TDI gets 45 MPG at $4 a GAL that is 11.2 cents costs per mile traveled.

Using a CNG blend system it cost 03.3 cents per mile traveled on Diesel. CNG cost per mile traveled is

.02 cents at $1.00 a GAL (GGE).  If I did the math right someone please check it that is a cost of

05.2 cents per Mile traveled a savings of 58.2 %. I pay for home fueling now .40 cents a GAL that should push me in the 80% saving on fuel cost.

I have over 1000 miles on this test system no codes just works.

Hello it has been talked of doing Diesel blends all over the internet. But I have built this system round a simpler way I think.

So the point was to show we can blend fuels and cut costs for miles traveled without giving up performances.

I use a CNG vacuum controlled regulator modified by me. We dump it in the air intake after the MAF and before the turbo inlet.

I use an ECT from http://thesensorconnection.com   and wire it in to turn on/off the CNG for safety. It runs about $200

The front end of the kit is very easy to install about 2 HR. Than a high pressure line ¼ inch or 6mm is run from the tank to the regulator.

I give up some trunk space for a CNG tank on a Jetta ½ the trunk on this TDI I use 2 small test tank that fit in the spare tire space 1.5 GAL filled.

For the front end kit I see it in the $500 range

Used tanks can be found from $100 to $1000.

Someone but it to me this way if you pay $4.00 a GAL for Diesel and get 40 MPG so for 60 miles it was $6.00 and for me with CNG blend it cost ( using $1.00 a GAL for CNG)

it cost $3.20 to do the same 60 miles  that is a reduction of in half of fuel costs. But when you put the home fueling station in the math I pay .40 cents a GAL of CNG at home.

It is now better I need someone to check this math is it 50% or 100% reduction ??

THe dash fuel gauge 200 miles on it



Bob Mann


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