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22 Apr


I just finished my New CNG VW Beetle Concept. The VW Beetle is so loved by people that I felt it need to be the focus of a new CNG push.  So I build the complete package starting with 1999 New Beetle four cylinder automatic so that any one can drive it. Had a low cost CNG kit fromSouth Americashipped in. These kits are certified ever where in the world but theUSA. But here inBostonMAno one knows much of CNG and to fined a pumping station is a drive for me twenty mile one way.

The search was on for a Home Refueling Station this is a pump that takes you home neutral gas and pumps it in to your cars CNG tank over night. There are used all overCanada, Europe, South America and a few smart States in theUSAmostlyMidwest.

I started this project last year and never stopped. Got the Beetle to run great and pushed MPG of CNG to thirty miles in the city over a hundred miles to the tank and I still have the gasoline tank yes I run  on CNG or gasoline at a click of a switch.

Searched and found a used Home Refueling Station it was rebuild and tested and had it shipped in and installed a new gas line to the garage and updated the power. Now for the big test every thing was installed to code the car and the Home Refueling Station. Turned on the power and gas the little lights light up. I am feeling pretty good at this point hook up the gas line from the pump to the Beetle and hit the start button on the Home Refueling Station and off she went sounds like a window air-conditioner. Watched the pressure gauge in the car as it slowly went up every thing was working as planned.

A Home Refueling Station fills you cars CNG tank over time mostly at night when demand for power and gas is low. The one I have will fill a four Gal tank over four hours

To a pressure of 3000 PSI at a cost of below a dollar per GAL before Federal rebates.

After the Home Refueling Station fills you CNG tank it shuts is self off.

The feeling of filling my car at home safely and not having to go to a gasoline station at

$ 2.60 a GAL for regular and climbing it was so GREAT now I drive by those gasoline

Station with a BIG SMILE what a feeling.